What I do.

I’m helping others to work like a start-up.

I speak, train and coach on request.


The very best of you.

Continuous learning, is not just important for those who work in a start-up. The world is in rapid change. Not changing as a human / team / organisation / company creates tension.  

How do you achieve growth? By being vulnerable and getting help. 

We all struggle with topics like: organisational structure, software & tools, execution speed, teamwork, project management, strategy setting and [international] growth

Let’s get some help to get un-stuck again.

What can I do for you.

I share my knowledge about two topics.


Self Organisation.

[why self organisation] [self organisation in practice] [meeting formats] [designing organisations vs natural development] [holacracy] [sociocracy] [teal] [self organising teams] [implementation and first steps] [resources for learning]



[shipping quickly] [testing and failing] [communicating efficiently] [rapid expansion][understanding strategy setting] [monthly, quarterly and yearly OKRs] [making OKRs measurable] [Getting things done] [international scaling] [quick hiring / firing]

Let's talk.

Let me help you get un-stuck.