Why I'm doing this and how I can help.

About me.

Help others and give something back.

We all need better execution.

[Startup guy <3]

My name is Matt HallmannI’m interested in complex [hyper local] online marketplaces. I’m experienced [8+ years] in driving new and established marketing, operational and sales solutions in a SaaS environment. Setting up and growing teams [in a self organising context] makes my heart beat faster.

And now I’m ready to share the knowledge I gained at multiple start-ups and tech companies
Using your full potential.

I believe that working stress free, being productive and having fun, are connected.

Before 2014, I worked in a more traditional environment. That means, top-down, in a strict hierarchy, without the use of tools and with a lot of stress. In the years after, I was able to learn how to work stress free, yet be more productive and creative than ever. How was that possible?  What have I been doing wrong all those years before? I only found out to articulate what I, and many others have been doing, as soon as I started giving talks and trainings about these topics. Helping others made me realise, that working differently is easily achievable and has a life long impact.

How do I work.

There are multiple topics, that I’m specialised in.

They all revolve around [new work] [self organisation] [productivity] [internationalisation] [startups / scaleups ] [OKRs] [software&tools] [remote teams] [asana] [GTD] and [holacracy].

No talk, training, coaching session is the same. Understanding your needs and being able to supply what you need, is vital to me.

We live in a highly connected world, so location is never an issue. I operate from Amsterdam and Berlin, but can travel anywhere or do remote sessions.

If you’re curious, sceptical, feel you are stuck or feel that you need to move forward, feel free to contact me. Together we’ll see what your needs are and where I can help.

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